The Moscow band SHADOW HOST is a famous Russian Metal band, playing Melodic Metal, in the popular in Old Light style. This legend begins in the Autumn of 1993. The musical material of this collective was, in the beginning, rather standard power/thrash metal. In Spring 1994 the band worked on material, and that Summer produced first instrumental demo-recording entitled "Into The Dark".

In August the group took a vacation, and at the end of the month, Sergey Ramzin left the band as a result of artistic disagreements. At this time, our current bassist and vocalist, Sergey Kayumov, joined SHADOW HOST, playing rhythm guitar and doing vocals. They finally defined musical style as melodic power/speed metal.

By the beginning of December SHADOW HOST produced another demo, "Nothing Left Behind", which contained 8 tracks. SHADOW HOST's first live show took place in January 28th 1995 in REA of name Plekhanov. In Summer 1995, important changes occurred: Sergey Kayumov took the place of Platon Yuknovets as bass guitarist, and Oleg Sonin joined to play rhythm guitar. In August, work on a new hit Beyond The Line began. The guys worked on bringing their material 'up to condition' and began to give concerts in the middle of December. Keyboardist Victor Radzishevsky accompanied us at shows.

In January, 1996 SHADOW HOST went into the studio and recorded one composition, "Beyond The Line", which was included in the compilation "Melodic Metal In Russia". After that the group started playing concerts actively in Moscow and Moscow province. In the Summer, Roman, Victor, and Oleg left SHADOW HOST, but Alexey and Sergey remained. To replace the second guitar player, Alexey Montov (from NIFELHEIM) joined the band. Alexander Rastorguev (also from NIFELHEIM) was our drummer for a short while, but soon left, to be replaced by Sergey Kutayev from SNAKES, who gave SHADOW HOST a more powerful and aggressive sound.

All Autumn 1996 is devoted to concerts in Moscow clubs. At one of these shows, guys got acquainted with Jasmina Halina, who became keyboardist in December, 1996. They also got a write-up in the local music press.

In January 1997 club CAMELOT opened and SHADOW HOST started playing there on a regular basis. At a few of these shows, Jasmina Halina played keyboards. The band kept this lineup until Summer, when the second guitarist left due to artistic conflicts. The search for a worthy replacement began.

Besides searching for a new guitarist, the remaining members continued work on the new material. In May the group went into the studio and began recording an album. Alexey Martynov, our current guitarist, joined us at this time. Previously, he played in WARCLOUD. Jasmina Halina played keyboards on this album. they finished work on this album, "Twilight Legend", in September. This album included 9 compositions written between 1993 and 1996. The first concert with our current lineup for SHADOW HOST was on September 27th, 1997, at the DIAMOND Club, together with ARCHONTES and PARABELLUM. At the end of November, we signed a contract with HOBGOBLIN Records. Our label did a good job of promoting "Twilight Legend", and so they had a busy Autumn tour, and sold lots of albums. On the 27th of December SHADOW HOST played in Saint Petersburg at "The Ball Of Satan" Fest.

Spring '98 - Summer '99... Live Shows in Moscow and some Russian cities...

On april 17th 1999 a group has taken part in powerful share - a festival APOCALYPSIS-II, which pass in CAMELOT club. Since this concerto SHADOW HOST play with keyboards. On june 5th one more serious share was consisted with participation SHADOW HOST – annual festival DEATH RIDER.

At the end of the june the new material was completely prepared and on july 17th a group sits in the studio for its record. Work on the album occurred in studio TEF, where was written preceding album “Twilight Legend”. Max Lebedev has emerged as sound engineer, he worked with the group earlier. The Session is terminated on august 28th. In the course of record were taken into account all mistakes of preceding studio work, well thought-out arrangements, - a sounding on new album is noticeably distinguished from preceding.

New work was decided to name Downfall, it includes 6 tracks, some of them were written enough long ago, right after record Twilight Legend, but some most recently – composition Galadriel was written most current, shortly before that group is sent in the studio.

Except the material which has been included in new album SHADOW HOST already has 9-10 compositions, which must fall into the following full-length album.


Sergey Kayumov - Vocals, Bass Guitar
Alexey Arzamazov - Guitars
Alexey Martynov - Guitars
Sergey Kutaev - Drums

Official discography

INTO THE DARK - 1994(demo)
BEYOND THE LINE - 1996(demo)
DOWNFALL - 1999(mini)


Official Site

SHADOW HOST's contacts


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