Back in 1993 Nordream consisted of just two metalheads trying to play their own tunes at all kinds of rehearsal places in Moscow. Rouben Kazariyan handled guitars and Stas Kulikov sat on drumthrone. A couple of tapes were done down in Moscow State University basement rehearsal room. that was not just experiencing with various styles but rather working out few licks copied a day before from a favourite band's latest CD. Then a quite long study trip to Korea suspended further musical plans but only for the time being.

Right upon the return the material gathered during last few years was resorted and arranged to be performed with more than just two men. 1997- the break-through year- was the real date when the band started off. First there were four members and then a complete five piece Nordream went onstage in summer 1998 opening End Zone's new album presentation. First gig resulted in quick line-up changes which did not affected the bands further live playing activity. Up to the end of 1998 Nordream was among the most frequent live bands in Moscow. In 1998 the band entered ARIA Records studio to put on tape the most confident and up-to-date work of nordream. One song recording session was too much an experience needed to get the taste of what was to come the album!

1999- the wait year. All gigs even scheduled were canceled and the band went home- PCs, cubase software, home rehearsals, rearrangements, thinking over. Fake musicians were forced to leave and the core members left to finish what had been supposed to all those years. The debut album. Entitled "Memories Progression" it reflected the evolution of the band's vision of its activities through all the past years. Autumn '99 was totally dedicated to recording the album. It was however finished not earlier than summer 2000. The ultimate indication of current abilities. It is supposed to be released through VALIANT as soon as...


Stas Koulikov - drums
Mikhail Khololov - bass
Rouben Kazariyan - guitars
Julia Chistyakova - keys

Watch out for the Russian Tribute to Metallica Compilation where the band represents its vision of legendary "Battery"- the opening track from thrash metal standard establishing "Master of Puppets".


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Kosygina st. 5-213, Moscow, Russia, 117334

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