An idea of creating music had visited us a long time ago... And in 1991, me (Lesiar), Aven, Michael, and frequently changed group of friends started to play music.

From 1991 till 1994 we played and mixed different music styles and had many projects. That time, we liked various music, from Sex Pistiols to Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Doors. Just imagine how we sound like... To get inspiration, to catch the spirit of solitude, to create something outstanding, we visited the forests near Moscow. In tries to express our creativity, we made films, broadcastings and paintings and performed other interesting actions.

In the Autumn of 1994 I bought my first cassette with Doom Metal and at once I became the admirer of this music style. After I had listened this music with my friends, we decided to play Doom Metal with some variations. That time Andre (bass) and Dobryi (drums) joined our band. Up to the Autumn 1996, we were making a familiar with heavy music.

While we were living at Aven's dacha we engaged in mystic experiments and nocturnal psychodelic mysteries. And during them we have recorded different home avantgarde music projects (Sinly Dreams). Step by step, we visited sacred places of our pre-christian Motherland and involved in paganism. In the Spring 1996, Valera joined us, and our sound became ever heavier.

In 1996, because of some reasons, we started to share pagan philosophy. We started to embody bgcolor="#AF9D68" northern mythology in our music and life. We organized different rites and celebrations, and we changed our principles and points of view, what very helped us later. Starting from September 1996 we began to make a concerts. We played in almost every big metal club at Moscow with different bands such as Korrozia Metalla, End Zone and others. Our tracks can be found on different compilations of those years, `Zheleznyi Marsh`, `Trash tvoju mat'`, `Russian Metal Ballads` and others... Another our achievement was a winning of second place in Russian at rock-festival in Ivanovo. It's impossible to tell about all things, that we made that time... During the 1996 we have been recorded two demos, which, unfortunately, totally lost. That were `Nahaimal` and `Black Glory`. Up to the Summer 1997 we were dealing with Corporation Of Hard Rock (KTR), the first and the biggest underground label in Russia. In 1997 our drummer Dobryi was replaced by Angel, because of musical disagreements.

In the beginning of 1998 we published our demo, named `Kniga Velesa` (The Book Of Veles). It contains our old works, which we wrote during '96 - '98. Just after it, we published another demo `Golos Krovi` (Voice Of Blood) with new material, which we recorded with our new female vocalist, Dina.

After the demo recordings, we feasted Kupala celebration at one of the rivers near Moscow. During it we summoned the terrifying hurricane, which just didn't ruin a half of Moscow. But we calm down the storm in time.

In the October 1998, our dream made real and we started to record our first album. Its name is `Veles`. By this name we pay a tribute to history of our Motherland.

Just after the recording of album, Andre (bass) was fired. The reason was disagreement with others members of Butterfly Temple. After a long search and selection Alexander joined us... Currently, we are still seeking for publisher of our debut album, `Veles`. Material for the new album is almost done and we're planning to record it during Fall'99. It will be heavier and not so slow as the previous one... Talking about concept, the band don't want to exploit the same theme of Slavonic pagan. New album will be dedicated to the points of view of ancient Slavs on darkness and evil. And it will be more mystic than our previous works...

To be continued...

P.S. If someone is interesting in the history of our Motherland and pagan rites of our ancestors - write to us with informations about you (age, hobbies, questions, offers, photo, short biography, postal address and so on). Please, add a title `Sever` on our address. We organize travels to sacral places of our Motherland and celebrations of Kolyada, Spring equinox, Kupala, Autumn equinox... (facecontrol!)

(Biography by Lesiar Roughly translated to English by DsD)

Official discography

Nahaimal - 1996(demo)
Black Glory - 1997(demo)
Kniga Velesa - 1998(demo)
Golos Krovi - 1998(demo)
Golos Krovi - Kniga Velesa - 1998(re-recorded demos)
Veles - 1999(self-published album)
Koleso Chernoboga - 2000


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